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If you need to read Acorn-format discs on a PC, have a look at my partner Don's page about Arcimage


Jackie's Health & Diet Club

Sadly, Jackie's club was not a commercial success and is no more; but her webpages remain and contain much useful information.
I have great affection for this site because it was the first website I ever constructed; the HTML isn't perfect but is still better than a lot of professionally-produced sites I see around, so I feel it to be something to be proud of as a first effort!
I'm particularly fond of the logo;  
Jackie had a vision of the ampersand representing a lady holding a baby in her arms, and paid a designer to draw it for her. She wept at the result, saying it looked like something a three-year-old let loose with a felt-tip pen might have scrawled. So I set to and designed one myself, which was just what she wanted; the only change she made was I'd given the lady hair but Jackie thought she looked better bald!
There's no link back to my Universe from the Jackie's Health & Diet Club site, so please bookmark me before you leave, and visit my Universe again!

Monitor magazine

The latest project I've taken on looks like being a job for life! I've committed myself to publishing on the Web the contents of every issue of the offshore radio magazine Monitor that was ever produced, adding in whatever information I can find about the magazine and the people involved, plus keeping the site updated with the major movements in the life of Radio Caroline.
There's no link back to my Universe from the Monitor magazine or the Radio Caroline sites, so  please bookmark me before you leave, and visit my Universe again!



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